Coral | 3D Artist for Animal Crossing / Ghibli / Zelda Inspired Game

June 24, 2023
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Job Description

We are a small, family-owned studio building great games and software. We love our craft and serve our customers. We value speed, focus, and intensity. Our first game is a hypercasual browser game that can be played actively or passively enjoyed in the background.


Character & Creature Design

  • Create imaginative and memorable character/creature concepts that embody the spirit and style of our Animal Crossing-inspired game.
  • Collaborate with the Game Designers to ensure character and creature designs align with gameplay mechanics and narrative elements.

Environment & World Design

  • Develop visually compelling environment and world concepts, including landscapes, buildings, props, and other elements that immerse players in a captivating game world.
  • Work with the Level Designers to bring the game’s story and setting to life, ensuring visual harmony and consistency throughout the game world.

UI & UX Design Contribution

  • Assist in designing user interfaces, menus, and other on-screen elements that are visually engaging and consistent with the game’s overall aesthetic.
  • Support the UI/UX Designers in ensuring that the game’s visual elements are easily navigable and intuitive for players.

Visual Development & Style Guides

  • Develop style guides, mood boards, and other visual references that promote a cohesive look and feel throughout the game’s characters, environments, and assets.
  • Champion visual consistency and quality by providing feedback and guidance to other members of the art and design team.

Team Collaboration

  • Collaborate with multidisciplinary team members, including Game Designers, Game Programmers, and other artists, to ensure seamless integration of concept art into the game.
  • Participate in art critiques and iteration processes, refining and adjusting concept art based on team feedback and project requirements.


Soft Skills

  • Excellent communication and teamwork skills, able to effectively convey ideas and collaborate within a multidisciplinary team.
  • Strong creative instincts and a passion for game art, with a deep appreciation for Animal Crossing-style aesthetics.
  • A detail-oriented mindset, committed to maintaining high levels of visual quality and consistency.

Technical Skills

  • 2+ years of experience as a Concept Artist in the gaming industry or a related field, with a demonstrated portfolio showcasing character, environment, and world design.
  • Expertise in digital art tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and other industry-standard software.
  • Ability to rapidly sketch, iterate, and produce polished concept art under tight deadlines.
  • Understanding of 3D modeling, game asset pipelines, and game development workflows.


  • A proactive, innovative, and solutions-oriented approach to artistic challenges, capable of adapting to the creative requirements of a dynamic game development process.
  • A commitment to continuous learning and professional growth within the field of game art and concept design.

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