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About Fashion AI

Fashion AI is at the forefront of merging technology and style. We are a unique game studio that pushes the boundaries of fashion and gaming by creating immersive fashion games, licensing with prestigious fashion brands to develop in-game skins, delivering digital fashion shows, virtual stores, and immersive e-commerce sites. We also pioneer the creation of phygital fashion collections. At Fashion AI, we cherish our vibrant community of Generative AI fashion enthusiasts who work alongside us to create innovative designs inspired by themes ranging from Barbie to Atlantis to Alice in Wonderland.

The Position

We’re seeking a talented and visionary AI Concept Artist to join our dynamic team. You’ll have the exciting role of creating mini Generative AI video animations that bring to life the outstanding artwork of our community.

Working closely with our creative team and Art Director, you’ll harness AI technology to produce AI-generated characters and concepts that populate our virtual world. You’ll use your skills to clean up and refine this AI art, making it ready for use in our gaming environment.


  • Work closely with the creative team to comprehend the visual style of our virtual world.
  • Utilise prompts to create AI art across multiple software platforms, including Midjourney, Dall-E, Stable Diffusion, Runway & Kaiber
  • Understand the world building of our game and the environments within.
  • Take ownership of design projects.
  • Collaborate with colleagues across various disciplines, including production, narrative, and design.
  • Work with the Art Director to refine the direction of our AI generated art.
  • Participate in creative brainstorming sessions and team meetings, contributing ideas.
  • Clean up AI generated art for team use.


  • 3+ years creative experience as a Concept and/or Character Artist, AAA video game experience is preferred.
  • Hands-on experience with AI generated art, experience with Midjourney, Dall-E and/or Stable Diffusion is preferred.
  • Proficiency in understanding prompts used in AI art generation and ability to refine your direction to the AI software.
  • Strong drawing and conceptualisation skills, including the ability to tidy up digital art created by AI.
  • Experience with real-time 3D packages such as Unreal.
  • Strong experience with Photoshop.
  • Experience with Maya/Max, Z-Brush and Blender is preferred but not essential.
  • Ability to collaborate with multiple teams in a fast paced and deadline driven environment.
  • Interest and understanding of Web3 and the future of the metaverse is highly preferred.
  • Robust portfolio illustrating your skills utilising AI art and as a Concept Artist.
  • Passionate about what you do and about working on innovative projects.

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