Computer Graphic Artist

February 26, 2023
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Job Description

This job requires a CG artist with background in architecture or interior design, who has experience in creating hyper-realistic 3D models and textures using 3Ds Max. The ideal candidate should also have experience with creating material and lighting in Archviz softwares.

Additionally, the candidate should be familiar with particle systems in Unreal Engine, as well as possess photography and videography skills such as knowledge of camera settings, composition, and camera motion. They should also have an understanding of composition and video software like Photoshop, Lightroom, After Effects, Premiere, Media Encoder, and/or Nuke.

The ideal candidate should have knowledge of vertex painting, foliage painting, and landscape editing tools using Unreal. They should also be familiar with virtual production real-time compositing.

Furthermore, the candidate should have knowledge of foliage/tree creation software ,photo-scanning software like Agisoft Metashape or Capturing Reality. The candidate should have knowledge of 3D modeling and sculpting software like Blender and 3Dmax as well as medium-high level scripting using Blueprints Widgets-HUD, Level Blueprints, Game Modes, Pawns-Characters, Player Controllers, Game Instance, and SaveGame.

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