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Remote (Quarterly meetings required in Denver)

We are on the lookout for a seasoned 3D Environment Artist to join our team, which has received high acclaim for our innovative gaming titles. This position offers the opportunity to work remotely, with the expectation of attending quarterly in-person gatherings to facilitate team collaboration and alignment.


  • Utilize Maya or Blender, ZBrush, Photoshop, and have familiarity with Substance Painter and Designer to create immersive game environments.
  • Quickly adapt to working within a proprietary engine, demonstrating the eagerness to learn new software as needed.
  • Contribute across the full game development cycle, willing to tackle challenges outside your primary area of expertise.
  • Efficiently produce initial rough block-ins to establish gameplay dynamics and mood, with a progression towards refined and polished final assets.
  • Work in a dynamic setting, adjusting to shifts in project focus and actively participating in various phases of game production, including level composition, module kit expansion, and enhancement of existing assets.

Team Collaboration:

  • Engage in consistent communication, utilizing platforms like Slack and email for fluid day-to-day discussions in addition to scheduled meetings.
  • Collaborate closely with the Art Director, Design team, and other Artists, ensuring seamless integration of art assets into the game environment.
  • Exhibit flexibility in revising work based on feedback, aiming for continuous improvement and integration of new ideas.


  • Profound knowledge of the artistic and game development processes.
  • Proven ability to collaborate within an interdisciplinary team.
  • Capable of conducting independent research and concepting in both 2D and 3D.
  • Keen to learn and apply new techniques for enhancing art quality and efficiency.
  • Familiarity with proprietary engines and an aptitude for mastering new tools.
  • Solid skills in Maya or Blender, ZBrush, Photoshop, and experience with Substance Designer.
  • Versatility in creating stylized art and adapting to various artistic styles.
  • Initiative in documenting knowledge and best practices to foster team growth.

This role is suited for someone who is self-motivated, proactive, and ready to take on significant responsibility within our projects. If you are excited to contribute to the development of compelling game environments and work within a flexible, creative team environment, we would love to hear from you.

If you apply, let us know you came from!

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InGame Recruitment Ltd

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