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As a 3D Generalist working in Cinema 4D, your role plays a crucial role in defining how our clients’ products are portrayed. Your talent for infusing artistic excellence and introducing distinctive perspectives sets our work apart, making it stand out from the rest.

Responsibilities and Outcomes:

  • Work in close collaboration with the creative team to jointly conceptualize, design and produce 3D models of various products, ensuring they embody the essence of excellence and creativity.

  • Leverage your distinctive artistic sensibilities and innovative thinking to apply texture, shading and lighting to 3D models, elevating them into extraordinary visual representations, utilizing Cinema 4D and Redshift as your primary 3D and rendering tools.

  • Inventively arrange lighting configurations and visual effects to enhance the realism and aesthetic impact of product renders and animations.

  • Create high-quality product renders and animations that exhibit your exceptional taste and creativity, all while ensuring they align with project objectives and timelines.

  • Experiment with unconventional approaches and stay at the forefront of pioneering techniques, continuously pushing boundaries to deliver work that is not just exceptional but also stands out of the ordinary.

  • Enhance 3D assets to achieve the highest level of visual impact, performance and efficiency while upholding the standards of originality and artistic vision.

  • Stay updated on the latest trends and innovations within the CG industry, integrating fresh ideas and perspectives into projects to ensure our work remains on the cutting edge.

Technical Skills:

  • Proficient in CG software and tools (e.g., C4D, Redshift, Houdini)

    *This is not a Maya pipeline

  • Demonstrated expertise as a 3D generalist with specialization in product renders and animation, highlighting remarkable taste and an original creative vision, working in Cinema 4D and Redshift.

  • Strong skills in texturing, shading, lighting, and animation, emphasizing artistic excellence and innovation.

  • Proven capacity to think creatively and craft visually striking and captivating product representations that go beyond conventional boundaries.

  • Outstanding problem-solving abilities, attention to detail, and a passion for excellence in design.

  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills within a team-oriented environment.

  • Interest and experience in exploring emerging technologies and trends in the CG industry.

  • Familiar with rendering software and techniques such as Redshift.

About Los York

Los York is a Creative Production Studio  exploring the territory between concept and creation. Founded in 2012 by Emmy-award winning CEO and founder, Seth Epstein, the shop has a clear mission: to assemble the best creative minds in the world, in service of creating advertising and content that impacts culture. Los York operates daily with an international network of artists, thinkers, and creators.

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Los York

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