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Volunteer 3D Game Artist/Modeler


About [P1-OM]

[P1-OM] is an Open Collective of volunteer game developers empowering each other to grow their skills by making fully-functional virtual worlds.

We have worked with companies like Bohemia Interactive and Tencent to publish our experiences globally.

Job Description:

Are you Passionate about game development and 3D art? Join our dynamic team as a Volunteer 3D Game Artist/Modeler and contribute your artistic talents to create visually stunning game worlds!


  1. Collaborate with the game development team to understand the artistic vision, concept, and style requirements for the game.
  2. Create high-quality 3D models, textures, and assets that align with the game’s visual direction and technical specifications.
  3. Design and sculpt detailed characters, environments, props, and other game elements using industry-standard software and tools.
  4. Ensure optimized performance and compatibility of 3D assets for various platforms and game engines.
  5. Implement texturing and shading techniques to enhance the visual appeal of 3D assets and maintain artistic consistency.
  6. Iterate on designs based on feedback from the team, considering gameplay requirements and technical constraints.
  7. Collaborate closely with other artists, animators, and developers to ensure seamless integration of 3D assets into the game engine.
  8. Stay updated with industry trends, tools, and techniques related to 3D modeling, texturing, and game development.


  1. Passion for game development and a strong interest in 3D art and modeling.
  2. Proficiency in 3D modeling software such as Blender, Maya, 3ds Max, or similar tools.
  3. Experience in creating 3D assets for games, including characters, environments, props, or architectural elements.
  4. Solid understanding of low-poly and high-poly modeling techniques, UV mapping, and texturing.
  5. Knowledge of game development pipelines and optimization techniques for real-time rendering.
  6. Strong creativity and artistic skills with an eye for detail, form, color, and composition.
  7. Ability to work independently and collaboratively, effectively communicating and incorporating feedback.

Join us as a Volunteer 3D Game Artist/Modeler and contribute your talents to an exciting game development project. Be part of a collaborative team that brings immersive worlds to life!

**Please note that this is a volunteer position, providing an opportunity to showcase your skills and gain valuable experience in the game development industry.**

If you apply, let us know you came from 3djobs.xyz!

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[P1] Virtual Civilization Initiative

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