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About Us Martian Lawyers Club (MLC) is pushing gameplay past its current limitations to unlock new levels of video game personalisation. We want our games to do what is only possible in the tabletop RPGs world: indefinite personalisation and endless creativity. We believe that players shouldn’t be forced to pick between the immersive power of video games and the ability to make unconstrained choices. Our first game is a digital, roguelike creature-battler, inspired by games like Into The Breach, Inscryption, and Pokemon. MLC’s proprietary technology uses recent breakthroughs in machine learning to allow our game to automatically modify itself according to the player’s desires. This underlying auto-modding platform goes beyond simple reskins, tapping directly into the DNA of a game (its code) and modifying that as part of the core gameplay loop. The resulting experience allows any player to be part of the process of game creation. We are a team of game developers, designers, and researchers, who have come together to utilise our skills in a meaningful way. Build rapid game MVPs on top of our auto-modding tech across various genres, platforms, and game complexity levels. Polish prototype and concept designs into functional, production-ready, and visually-appealing game features. Design, implement, and polish novel UI components and optimise UX in collaboration with the team. Contribute to the systems design principles and game architecture thinking in relation to auto-modding. Test, debug, and QA the features of our games at a technical level, and contribute to our studio’s SE practices to mitigate development issues. Experience in a production setting, having worked on and released at least one game. ~ Extensive portfolio of projects, game jams, games tools, etc. Expert in Unity and one other game engine (Godot, Unreal Engine, Game Maker, etc.). ~ Expert-level knowledge of various procedural generation techniques for both 2D and 3D. ~ Experience in technical artist pipelines both traditional, such as technical animation, shaders, and VFX, as well as modern, such as ComfyUI. ~ Ability to follow a creative vision and contribute to it via self-organisation, product ownership, and timely delivery of results. ~ Experience with or knowledge of game modding tools (e.g. WC3, Minecraft, Roblox) or modding communities. ~ We particularly encourage applications from candidates who are underrepresented in the gaming industry. Our work environment is dynamic, a mixture of in-person and remote, and gives you the space to learn from your mistakes (of which we expect many!). A 1-hour online interview.

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RemoteWorker UK

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