The People-1st Open Metaverse Initiative [P1-OM] | Game Artist

February 26, 2023
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Job Description

About [P1-OM]

[P1-OM] is an Open Collective of volunteer game developers empowering each other to grow their skills by making fully-functional virtual worlds.

We have worked with companies like Bohemia Interactive and Tencent to publish our experiences globally.

Your Role

As a volunteer you choose your own hours and set your own deadlines. We are open to anyone seeking to become a:

Technical artist

Art director

Voxel artist

Character artist


✅ Concept artist

✅ Animator

✅ Texture painter

✅ Render artist

Animation director

Concept artist

Voxel artist

Render artist

3D artist

Unity shader programmer.

Since we are a volunteer organization you will be choosing some of these responsibilities but not all of them.

Why take on this challenge?

Without money as a motivator, the whole team takes part only because they are passionate about making games.


As an Open Collective we are happy to mentor, and empower those seeking to break into the industry.

Our mentors include:

James Mouat

– Game Designer & Director – Ubisoft/EA

Tim Cotten

– Ultima Online Development Lead

Cal Aurand

– Former VP Sony Music

If you apply, let us know you came from!

Company Name
The People-1st Open Metaverse Initiative [P1-OM]

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