(Unpaid/Startup) MMO Concept Artist /3D Blender/ 2D Photoshop Artist

February 28, 2023
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Job Description


as a start-up member & eventually join the company!

Before you read any further, this role is a


role. We mention this over and over, to ensure you are making the right financial decision. We don’t want to waste your time and vice versa.

We are an indie startup building an MMO and depending on the outcome of our work, every volunteer will eventually become a member of a well-established LLC. That’s when you can expect some payment.

So…Are you Interested?

Our Agile Work Expectation!

Tasks are listed every week, and you can pick anyone that fits you, ignore the task board completely, or try out any of the tasks.

No one is required to complete anything.

We all work to support each other!


3D Artists – Model Assets For An MMO Project using Blender 3D

2D Artists – Use Photoshop and 2D editors such as Figma To design skills/Icons/Symbols etc.


Applicant should be able to speak, write, and read English

Applicant must have a Discord account

Applicant must have a GitHub account

If you apply, let us know you came from 3djobs.xyz!

Company Name
Kwaza Games LLC

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