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Art Director:

About Winking Studios:

Winking Studios ( is one of the largest Art Outsourcing and Game Development studios over Asia, home to the most talented artists and designers. Currently, Winking Studios has over 700 employees throughout Taipei, Shanghai, Nanjing, and Singapore. Clients of our Art Outsourcing and Game Development services include 19 of the top 25 game publishers around the globe.

We are seeking an experienced Art Director who can join our team and help pave the way towards our new goals and generate additional revenue.


* Collaborating on participating in exhibitions and maintaining relationships with clients in North America.

* Skilled in rendering and video editing.

* Participating in the production of company portfolio on display.

* Grasping the overall art style of the game project and provide guidance for other artists in aspects such as game art style research, game art standardization, and benchmarking;

* Managing and guiding one or more junior and senior art teams on projects of varying scopes, including AAA, VR/AR, and mobile games;

* Responsible for reviewing and approving all game art content in the project to ensure overall art quality and style consistency;

* Responsible for overall game artist and game project resource integrating and planning, including work assignment, progress tracking, and final game art product review;

* Participating in the establishment of the studio’s artist team, assist in evaluation, and provide professional game art advice;

* Being familiar with cutting-edge AAA game design concepts and having a strong pursuit of artistic expression about games;

* Understanding AAA games and having experience in developing high-quality AAA game projects, and understand the game art requirements of the development process;

* Having excellent game art project collaboration and execution skills, managing communication between artist teams and clients on art and technical issues;

* Through guidance and experience sharing, instilling best practices of AAA game art in the team;

* Being able to conduct game art style research and project evaluation for various game art styles;

* Identifying and cultivating new or growing talent, actively participating in recruitment, and contributing to talent expansion and development planning.


* Excellent experience in one or more mainstream 3D packages (Maya, 3Ds Max, Photoshop, Zbrush, Substance Painter/Designer, etc.) and well versed in creating and optimizing game art pipelines.

* Strong aptitude in multiple traditional artistic disciplines to complement directorial credibility.

* Highly organized individual with experience in managing teams of creative minds and effective at collaborating with other disciplines.

* Passionate about game development and exercises game sensibility when making artistic decisions.

* Persuasive leadership at enforcing directive and in steering the team to achieving expectant game art standards.

* In sync with current demands and with the foresight into future trends and emerging technologies.

* Bachelor’s degree in Arts or related major preferred but outstanding portfolios and a proven industry record will also be considered.

* At least 10 years’ experience with various game styles including AAA titles across major platforms and a proven project completion record.

* At least 4 years’ experience as an Art Director, Lead Artist or Art Team Leader and a proven record of supervising a team to greater competency and efficiency in the game art industry.

We Offer

Competitive Benefits (medical insurance, company outings, birthday gifts, free gym, team building activities etc.)

Paid annual vacation and sick leave

Consistent career path with a long-term career development

Opportunities for overseas travel to attend game shows and gain work experience abroad

Key Words: Game Industry; Level design; Art Director; 3D Environment Artist; Unreal Engine; UE5; Game Art Outsourcing; AAA game; Game Videos; Game Animation.

If you apply, let us know you came from!

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Winking Studios

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